without words, there is no meaning

I’m a San Francisco-based writer, editor and consultant who believes in the power of words. With this in mind, I focus on creating high-quality, engaging text and communications materials that people actually want to read.

Whether it's a feature article, press release, website text or marketing copy, I can provide the words, the edits or manage the project from start to finish. My experience includes working for large international companies and small non-profit organizations – and everything in between – on a range of subjects almost as far-reaching as my curiosity. A few of my specialties include technology, healthcare/medical, financial, marketing, sustainability and environmental issues. I have also consulted on a variety of editorial and strategic communications projects.

In addition to writing and consulting for the private and public sector, I have published health, lifestyle, environment and travel features for various publications.

For a detailed resume or samples of my work, please feel free to contact me.